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Roof trusses

At Rainbow Frame and Truss we can design and manufacture a fully engineered roofing solution for almost any project. From the simplest house plan to the most complex structure, our team has the experience and design flexibility to provide an accurate product on time and as quoted.

Once we have designed your roof, utilising industry-leading MiTek technology, the trusses are then constructed from stress-graded timber and Gang-Nail connector plates, using computer accurate machinery.

Pre-fabricated roof trusses are light, offer guaranteed strength and are quick and easy to install, saving you time and keeping labour costs down.

Our roof truss system is a MiTek engineered product, which has a reputation for being market leaders in the design engineering of roof trusses. Because our products are designed using MiTek Australia’s specialised software you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your structure is engineered in accordance with all relevant Australian and industry standards.

Building Materials/ Hardware

We stock or are able to source a wide range of building supplies and hardware materials including:

  • Posts
  • Beams
  • Rafters
  • Joists
  • Fascia
  • Laminated Beams and LVL
  • Adhesives
  • Hardware fixings - screws, nails, nuts and bolts etc.

We also supply fire-rated timbers plus any specific requirements in any timber species

Why use Roof Trusses?

Timber trusses are strong, easy to assemble and are designed in various formats in accordance with the specific roof requirements for the design of the project. Timber trusses are economical and can be made to size for both a residential or commercial project. 

Engineered with precision equipment, roof trusses are extremely flexible in design and can be made to suit your project's unique plans. All of our trusses meet the top engineering and safety standards, and are also built to withstand the demands of extreme weather and other special criteria.

Pre-fabricated frames are delivered on-site, making installation quick, simple and hassle-free. As well as reducing time and labour costs, this gives added security as the open roof is exposed for a much shorter period of time.

Roof trusses are a cheaper alternative to conventional roofing. We only use the required timber when building trusses, and there is no wastage on-site. Site clean-up is easy.

Wall Frames:

Our wall frames are designed and manufactured to AS1684 to withstand structural and wind loads and, when combined with Rainbow Frame and Truss engineered roof trusses, give the peace of mind of having a complete and totally engineered building solution.